Date: Friday 19 February, 7.30pm
Saturday 20 February, 730pm

Duration: 60 Minutes

Price: $30 - $35 (services fees apply)

Everything in our life is unlike this World, we don't belong to this place. We no longer enter through the door, nor through the window, we enter through a false wall that leads us to the tireless desire. Him and I her and I.

A story of survival placed in a symbolic reality. Emma and Gushma must traverse a world transformed by the chaos, finding shelter in the complicity of their love. They make their own world of fantasy to sidestep the more difficult circumstances, traversing a path of transformation and acceptance that will lead them to a new everyday life. Habbuk represents the desire to give back to life it's more human side.

An original physical play from the Uruguayan theatre company Animalismo Teatro.


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On stage: Alejandro Sterenstein and Sofía Rivero

Creative guides: Santiago Lans and Rodrigo Novoa

Creative guide - New Zealand: Sophie Lindsay

Production: Natalia Pereira

Costume design: Valentina Gatti
Lighting design: Rodrigo Novoa

Make up: Agustín Rabellino
Original Music & Sound: Gonzalo Varela and Paolo Grosso
Set design: Santiago Espasandin


This show is a part of the 2021 Summer at Q Festival. Thanks to the support of the University of Auckland and Q Theatre, Summer at Q has packaged rates that make our venues more accessible and simpler to budget for.