Silo Theatre commission.

Presented in collaboration with Q Theatre.

Welcome to the City of Dreams: Bombay, the height of the 1970s. Legendary Bollywood director Rakesh Ramsey has died in the middle of shooting his latest film, Dust of the Delhi Plains, an epic desi western with all the trappings: magnificent landscapes, gunfights on horseback, grand song-and-dance numbers. 

Ramsey’s two children, Roshan and Kamala, are forced into the director’s chair. But they’ve inherited a disaster: the crew’s unhappy, the money’s all gone and the big Bollywood star is holding the production hostage. Can Roshan and Kamala bring their father’s dying dream to the big screen, or is Dust of the Delhi Plains as cursed as everyone says?

Created by visionary theatre-maker Ahi Karunaharan (Tea, Swabhoomi: Borrowed Earth),  My Heart Goes Thadak Thadak is an interactive, fully immersive extravaganza of singing, dancing and pure movie-making magic.

“The writing is only bettered by Karunaharan's direction: seamless, heartfelt and unerringly true.”
– NZ Herald