PodFest at Q: A Celebration of Podcasting Diversity in Aotearoa

In 2024, Q Theatre welcomed a new event to our creative programming – the inaugural PodFest at Q.  

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We’re fairly sure this is a first in Aotearoa, and this pod-filled festival marked a significant milestone in the world of podcasts, showing that audiences are keen to take the headphones off and enjoy their favourite shows in person too.  Part of our Summer at Q  festival (yes, we did a festival within a festival!), PodFest showcased a diverse range of content, attracting audiences from all walks of life. From mental health to sex, politics to culture, and music to comedy, the range of events truly showcased the richness of the podcasting landscape here in Aotearoa. 

PodFest at Q 2024 - Q Theatre 1

Image: Grey Areas with Petra Bagust during PodFest at Q 2024

One of the most thrilling aspects of the festival was seeing all the shows live and in person, featuring some of the most beloved podcasters in the industry like The Male Gayz by Chris Parker and Eli Matthewson, to Grey Areas with Petra Bagust and The Spinoff’s Gone by Lunchtime. The festival provided a unique opportunity for fans to witness their favourite hosts in action, see the dynamics, feel the flow of conversation in the room (and get the sneaky extras that might not make it to broadcast). It was heartening to see the diverse range of audiences coming together to celebrate the live performances of their go-to podcasts. 

PodFest at Q 2024 - Q Theatre

Image: Gone by Lunchtime during PodFest at Q 2024

Organising a festival of this magnitude is no small feat, especially during its pilot season. Our Senior Producer, Maria Deere, who spearheaded the project, was delighted at how well this first outing came together, with so many pods keen to be involved. The success of PodFest at Q is a testament to her dedication and the hard work of the entire team. Despite the challenges that come with a pilot season, the festival successfully blended entertainment, education, and community engagement. 

When curating PodFest at Q, we realised what an abundance of remarkable podcasts are created right here in Aotearoa, showcasing an incredible range and richness of content. The inaugural festival celebrated a slew of exceptional Kiwis from across a diverse range of industries including comedy, music, TV, and radio. PodFest was a chance for artists and audiences alike to dig into sex, politics, mental health, celebrate kaupapa Māori, and crank up the volume on amazing stories from individuals and communities. Putting all these pods together created an awesome community vibe. - Maria Deere, Senior Producer | Kaihautū Matua 

PodFest at Q wasn't just a festival; it was a party, a celebration of all things podcasting in Aotearoa. The first edition set the bar high, leaving everyone excited for what's next. As podcasts continue to take over the airwaves, this festival is proof that the Kiwi podcast scene is diverse, inclusive, and ready to rock your ears off. We can’t wait to do it all again in 2025! 

If you're a podcaster and would like to be a part of the festival in the future email our Senior Producer | Kaihautū Matua Maria Deere at maria@qtheatre.co.nz