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On Thursday 10 March we held an open online Q and A and this is a consolidation of the questions that came up during that hui.

What are Q’s expected outcomes for the residency?

We are asking for two presentations during the residency. One about halfway through the month to update on how you’re going and if appropriate provide feedback, this would be likely be relatively informal. Plus, a more final presentation at the end of the month, depending on the project it might be a showing or a reading or even just a PowerPoint. If covid restrictions allow, we could arrange to have an invited audience of your peers.

The three artists will also develop and present two online panel discussions during the month, the aim of which is to create space for discourse and discussion which we would host publicly. The content would be up to the artists to collaborate on and design.

We would also expect to gather content such as images, video content and interviews to capture the programme properly to allow it to grow into its next iteration, as well as celebrate the work of the artists involved.


Am I able to apply for this residency if I have other work commitments?

Yes, how you use your time is up to you, however if you have a have a full-time job it would likely be difficult for you to give the space to get the most out of this residency. For the sake of clarity, please acknowledge your commitments as part of your application and lay out a general plan for how you would use your time.  


Can I apply with an existing project?

Yes. It could be the seed of an idea, or it could be an idea that has gotten to a point that needs space to grown into the next iteration. There is no preference, but we want to acknowledge the often-free work artists undertake to develop ideas and this residency is a wonderful place to do just that.


What if I have had previous support or funding for this project?

You can still apply. However, if your initial support comes from another Auckland venue that may be an issue. Should your idea/project eventuate into a potential production, Q will ideally be the first venue/partner you talk to. You are welcome to apply and give context as this isn’t necessarily a deal breaker.


What if this project has already had a life? For example, it has come out of other workshops or my PhD thesis?

As long as you can show us what you would get out of the residency in terms of growing or developing the idea, it doesn’t matter what stage the idea is currently in or where it has come from.


Are you more interested in solo work or can groups, or collaborations apply?

The programme is currently set up for an individual, and the support and renumeration is based on that. However, if you wanted to split it, then we need to understand what that means in terms of fairness financially and if you would be splitting the workload (potentially both working on it part time and not full time).


Is there any flexibility in the dates of the residency?

These dates have been chosen as there is a space in our calendar due to COVID related cancellations. It is our intention that you would have access to the space and the people at Q so that makes it hard to move the dates. There might be flexibility for it to shift slightly but not by any significant amount of time.


Will there be another programme with different dates later on?

Hopefully! This is a pilot to test how it might work for us, our dream is that it becomes something regular but at this point we are just testing the waters.


What do you mean when you say the work needs to connect with Tāmaki Makaurau? How important is that?

This is really important as our audience is largely made up of people living in Tāmaki and their stories and stories about Tāmaki experiences are important to us. This is not to say it needs to be a story about living in this area, it just needs to connect with the people that live here.


If there are three residencies available, can each have a dedicated space for the full month, or will you be expected to move around?

That will depend on what ideas and who is selected. We would have to look at the different works and their requirements and do what we can. If you are making something physical then we would need to consider that, however we would like a chance for everyone to be able to have the space to play in Rangatira for example. If you know you need a dedicated space for the duration of the month, let us know and let us know how much space you need.


Will we be able to access the building in the evenings and weekends? For example, for artists that work 9 - 5?

Yes, depending on the type of work you might need someone in the building with you, but we would work with you to try and make this work.


Is there a cap on how many people you could have in a space at any time? If we wanted to bring in a group to workshop or test something?

We would have to adhere to any rules under the Governments COVID-19 Protection Framework levels. To enter Q Theatre, you are also required to present a valid My Vaccine Pass, and we might work through with you what other safety precautions were appropriate (I.E. Distancing, mask wearing, negative RAT tests etc)


Would we have to pay for additional safety precautions like purchasing masks and RAT tests?

It depends on what is required but it is not our intention that you should be additionally out of pocket for any of the residency. We would work together with you on what is required but we are prepared to support you and the safety elements of your residency where appropriate.

If I have two different ideas that are at different stages of development, can I include them both in one application? Or am I better off choosing one, or doing two separate applications?

That is totally fine, you are welcome to include both ideas in one application.


What are the spaces that are available to work in?

Rangatira Theatre (located on ground level)

Capacity: 338 usually


Loft Theatre (located on level 2)

Capacity: 117 usually



Predominantly a rehearsal space

Vault is accessible from Queen Street and can be isolated from the rest of the building.

Capacity: 60

Nb: This is currently having a fresh air system installed


Please note: Rangatira and Loft will be in the standard end on configuration (the most often used set up for our theatre spaces)


Is there a specific pool of Mentors you will be choosing from for the successful applicant? What if my discipline is particularly niche?

It is our intention to work with you to find a mentor to suit. You might be after someone with a different set of skills to challenge and support you, you might want an expert in your specific area to hone in on elevating your work or you might be wanting someone to help you with thinking wider about your career. We do not have a specific group of people we are looking at. Mentors will be paid for their time, and we would expect mentors and artists to meeting in person or virtually once a week.


I’m interested in learning more about how to use the sound board and AV as part of my exploration, but what if I don’t have any experience with that equipment?

As a venue, that is exactly the type of support we hope to be able to give the artists involved. We would work with you to get an understanding of what you’re trying to achieve and provide suitable crew to support this exploration.


Would I have access to sound equipment during the residency?

Yes. You can use whatever audio equipment is on site and available.


Would I have access to Audio Visual equipment as part of the development process?

Yes, if we have it. We don’t have a lot of direct equipment, but we do have a grant which will go towards growing this area. For example, we don’t currently have a screen but we do have a cyclorama which might be available for you.


Can I bring in my own technician?

Yes, you can. We ask that you renumerate anyone you are collaborating with fairly. The allocated budget of $1,500 per artist can be used towards bringing in collaborators.


Will there be access to Venue Technicians for support? Is there an extra cost associated with that?

Yes, there will be access to a VT at no additional cost however it won’t be someone that is available full time for you. If you required dedicated full-time support for the month that wouldn’t be achievable.


Does Q have any preconceived notions about what is in each space?

Within the month we would envision each of the residents to play in all Q’s different spaces as they offer different opportunities. For example, playing in Rangatira is about getting used to a bigger space. The kind of work that fits in those spaces doesn’t often get a chance to be born in those spaces.


Can we include supporting documents with our applications?

If you think it will really add to the idea then you can, but we suggest no more than one page, keep it short and concise, distil what you want to do as tightly as possible, it’s more about the strength of the idea.


If there a surge in COVID cases what happens to the residency programme?

The ideal scenario is whatever you are working on might not need you to come into the space or interact with large groups or in unsafe environments (however this might become difficult with some disciplines such as dance or installations). We are currently making an educated guess that we will continue to be in Red Light so take that into consideration for your idea and how you might use the space in a strategic and targeted way. In a perfect world you would be able to continue to work remotely if conditions changed.


Does the ideal applicant have to be performance based?

As long as there is a performance or live component, then that’s ok. However. If you’re working towards something that isn’t focused on a live presentation e.g. recording an album that wouldn’t fit the criteria. There would need to be a performance element to the outcome of the work.


Am I able to bring my kids into the space if I need to?

Yes, we would just have to make sure all health and safety precautions were taken into account. I.E., they are part of a closed COVID bubble with you, or avoiding days you’re using dangerous equipment. We would endeavour to make it work for you so don’t let that hold you back from applying. Q’s vault space is relatively isolated and safe for kiddos to run around, Rangatira on the other hand has a number of hazards that would require a dedicated person to keep an eye on little humans.


If I bring others in to work on the project, even if they’re friends, do they have to be paid?

The intention of the project is that we honour the time of individual artists and add value to that time, so we would encourage you to hold the spirit of that when making your decisions but ultimately that is your call to make. Our suggestion is that anyone you bring in to help would be paid no less than $25 per hour (CNZ recommendation for artist renumeration)


Can I use part of the  $1500 development costs for collaborators or support workers?

Yes, that is the perfect use of this budget.  


What are the criteria the panel will be judging on?

There are no direct criteria that will be ticked off. It will be based on the strength of the idea and the ability to explore that idea. Ideally, will be looking for a variety of voices, disciplines, and genres across the three artists.


Is there a preference of scripted work over simply an idea?

No there is no preference. It’s not about where the project is at, it’s about the idea. The intention of this programme is to give space to those ideas that might not otherwise develop because you need to pay the bills. We want to allow the financial and mental space for you to develop and idea or to bring a project to its next iteration.


Does the application have to fit into 350 words?

Each section on the form has different word limits to keep the ideas succinct. We won’t throw out your application if you go over by a couple of words, but we encourage you to keep it concise.  The form might cut you off so if you need to elaborate and you think it’s worthwhile you can attach an additional word document but we would suggest no more than one extra page.


Can I link to supporting videos or images?

If you believe it will add to your application then yes, but nothing that is too long or time consuming to watch.


If a project is accepted, what is the possibility to partner to a full production?

We don’t currently know what that will look like and that is our purpose for running this pilot, but we would hope that this would be the outcome for all of the artists in some capacity. We may encourage you to apply for Summer at Q or MATCHBOX, or we might talk to you about something bigger. Most productions would still have to seek some sort of funding from a funding body, but we’re keen to support in the exploration of how that might work.


Is there a piano at Q?

No. But if something like that was required for a project to be successful, we would work with you to make a plan and support you where we can.


How will I know if I’ve been successful?

We’re aiming to let applicants know by end of day Friday March 18th. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified via email and successful applicants will receive a phone call.