Amanda Palmer

Musician, best-selling author, TED speaker, and community leader Amanda Palmer is paying homage to New Zealand with a very special new EP and tour. 

$64.90 - $79.90 (services fees apply)
2 hours and 25 minutes, plus a 20 minute interval
Wed 24 January 2024
Wed 24 Jan, 8pm - 10:45pm

Amanda Palmer is a singer, songwriter, playwright, pianist, author, director, and blogger who simultaneously embraces and explodes traditional frameworks of music, theatre, and art. She first came to prominence as part of the punk cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls, earning global applause for their inventive songcraft and wide-ranging theatricality.

Palmer, who spent over two years waylaid in Aotearoa, New Zealand with her young son during the pandemic, will honor her time as an accidental Kiwi with New Zealand Survival Songs, a brand-new five-song EP collecting material written and recorded during that life-changing experience.

With support from special guests Julia Deans & Aurelia Torkington.

Presented by:
Banished Music & Strange News, with support from Q Theatre

Age restriction:
This is an all ages show

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