Bring Your Voice! – Zimfira Poloz

Engage in this interactive workshop led by Zimfira Poloz, focusing on choral methods for teaching young choirs. Explore voice pedagogy, sound concepts, musicianship, and movement. Bring your voice and your singers!

$35 (plus service fees)
75 minutes
Thu 18 Jul 2024
Thu 18 Jul, 3pm - 4:15pm

An interactive workshop on choral methods for teaching young choirs, with a focus on voice pedagogy, sound concepts, developing musicianship skills, and incorporating movement. During the session, we will share ideas on working with young singers. Bring your voice… and your singers! 

Zimfira Poloz is Artistic Director of the renowned Toronto Children’s Chorus, which comprises over 300 singers and eight levels of ensembles, aged 4-18. She also teaches Vocal Pedagogy for Choirs at the University of Toronto and is a founding Board Member for the World Alliance of Children’s Choirs, Honorary Artistic Director of the Hamilton Children’s Choir, founder of Choir School in Kazakhstan and curator/editor of the publisher Cypress Choral Music.

Presented by:
World Choir Games 2024

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