Help Me Hera LIVE

Every week, thousands of readers relish the insightful, surprising, hilarious, and clear-headed advice from Hera Lindsay Bird's column, Help Me Hera, but one year in, she has a question. Did anyone take her advice? And if so, how did it go?

$19.50 - $29.50 (plus service fees)
60 minutes, no interval
Thu 29 Aug 2024
Thu 29 Aug, 7:30pm - 8:30pm

"Consult your own wicked heart, if you have the stomach for it. But if not, drop me a line, and let's hash this thing out together."

After a year of writing The Spinoff's advice column, Hera has a question: Has it helped? Did the anonymous writers appreciate her wise counsel? What happened next?

Join Hera and The Spinoff editor Madeleine Chapman as they follow up on some of the memorable advice given over the past year, checking in with the recipients and revealing their findings. This will be a live recording of Mad's podcast Behind the Story.

Hera Lindsay Bird is a writer and children's bookseller based in Dunedin. She pens the Help Me Hera advice column for The Spinoff, which you can read at thespinoff.co.nz/help-me-hera

Madeleine Chapman is the editor of The Spinoff. She is the author of Jacinda Ardern: A New Kind of Leader and the co-author of Steven Adams' bestselling autobiography My Life, My Fight.

Presented by: 
The Spinoff 

Creative Team: 
Hosts - Madeleine Chapman and Hera Lindsay Bird
Producer - Ben Fagan
Audio Engineer - Te Aihe Butler
Design - Tina Tiller

Audience Warnings: 
This event is being audio recorded for The Spinoff's podcast Behind the Story. The performance may also be filmed.
Please note, the conversation may contain adult themes, including but not limited to discussions of mental health, relationships and illness. 

Presented as part of The Spinoff LIVE in Auckland and Wellington. Check out all events at www.thespinoff.co.nz/events


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