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KAHA - Tripleboost


KAHA – Tripleboost offers audiences three ways to connect with Atamira, combining the energies of young artists, senior practitioners, and new technologies in both Loft and Vault.

Esteemed dance visionary Sean MacDonald leads the charge, opening the show in Loft with a solo performance, STILL, painting a self-portrait through physical movement. This is followed by KAHA - five short premiere dance pieces, episodic in nature, by young Māori Choreographers.  

Prior to this, downstairs in Q Vault TOMO VR by Gabrielle Thomas screens for up to 20 audience members to immerse themselves in a VR experience of the celebrated dance work TOMO in an all-new Virtual Reality film experience.

Book for one or both of these events below.  NB: TOMO VR has limited tickets for sale.

STILL: Choreographed and performed by Sean MacDonald.
A meandering through yesterday's curiosities. Of exuberance and melancholy, a clicking of snapshots. Taking a pun(t) on (re)moving through a musing connectivity of randomly logical bone & muscle poetics. Presentation and internal. The stillness of anxiousness. A body influenced by the sequencing of time, a dance.

KAHA is a vital component of Atamira’s annual programme and is inspired by kaupapa Māori and contemporary identity. The 2022 performance is the culmination of two separate HOU research journeys, a platform where emerging Atamira artists develop fresh concepts, seeds, and provocations with a self-development focus. KAHA is the place where audiences are invited into the Atamira whare to experience new ideas, new artists and the development of dance that may go on to become full length works. KAHA will be like returning to the marae after some time away.

Thu 7 – Fri 8 July: 7:30 pm
Sat 9 July: 2 pm & 7.30 pm
65 Minutes + post-show talks Friday night and Saturday matinee  
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TOMO VR: Choreographed and coedited by Gabrielle Thomas with VR Filmmaker Ed Davis

Atamira presents our first foray into the world of Virtual Reality (VR) which is a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. Individual headsets provide the perfect platform for an innovative choreographic and digital interpretation of TOMO, a work that first premiered in 2019 at Tempo Festival. 

With shifting architecture TOMO interprets the proverbial heart of three wāhine travelling through Te Ao Kikokiko (the land of the living). A battle between self and the source begins when one lost and lonely wairua enters their world.

Thu 7 – Fri 8 July: 6 pm & 6:45 pm
Sat 9 July: 12:30 pm & 1:15 pm | 6:00 pm & 6:45 pm
15 Minutes + 10-minute korero with choreographer and filmmaker 
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Book to see both TOMO VR and KAHA

Thu 7 – Fri 8 July
1:  6 pm (VR) & 7:30 pm (Kaha)
2:  6:45 pm (VR) & 7:30 pm (Kaha)

Sat 9 July
1:  12:30 pm (VR) pm & 2 pm (Kaha)
2:  1:15 pm(VR)  & 2 pm (Kaha)
3:  6 pm (VR) & 7:30 pm (Kaha)
4: 6:45 pm (VR) & 7:30 pm (Kaha)
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