Dimensions in Black

A story of colonisation, belonging and loss, as told from the perspective of African New Zealanders. A celebration of a people, spanning centuries, and a statement of hope, lasting generations. 

$10 (plus service fees)
2 hours
Sun 25 February, 2024
Sun 25 Feb, 1pm - 3pm

This show is proud to be part of Auckland Pride Festival 2024. 

This play is a triptych - a piece in three separate yet related parts, that together tell a story of the colonisation, migration and celebration of a people, spanning centuries. 

In 2121, two Black women are stuck in a shuttle together - they are waste-management specialists ('trashers') nearing the end of their 3-year space mission: the collection and destruction of all the space trash surrounding the Jupiter moon, Europa, that has been left there by decades of fly-by explorations from various space agencies. It's just the two of them in this tight, hot space with barely any room to breathe (or process their potential romantic feelings for each other). A shocking discovery sends them into a tailspin and forces them to make a life-altering (and world-altering) decision. 

A migrant Zimbabwean family in Tāmaki Makaurau in 2051 are desperate to make a home as comfortable and safe as possible. But the grass they thought was greener is only green for some people, whilst others have to jump hoops and climb mountains just to tick the right boxes to get by. When you can't get a mortgage for your family or a decent break to get your career started, what to do when an unexpected arrival brings an unexpected - and drastic - solution? 

It is 1561 in the kingdom of Mutapa, a large, pre-colonial, southern African territory. The arrival of the first Jesuit missionary to the kingdom has set the place abuzz with talk: the king and his mother seem to be taken with this white man's story of a white God and his punishments. But what does this mean for the way of the people? What does it mean for the ancestors who watch over them? What action must the ancestors take to protect the peace and harmony of their people? 

This show is a part of Summer at Q, our month long festival celebrating independent makers. To explore the full festival line up click here.

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Presented By:
Keagan Carr Fransch

With Support From:
Auckland Pride, Basement Theatre, Black Creatives Aotearoa, Proudly Asian Theatre, Auckland Theatre Company, Creative New Zealand, and Waitākere Ranges Local Board.

Creative Team:
Director - Keagan Carr Fransch 
Producer - Keven Souza 

Cast (in alphabetical order):
Jane Benney
Alice Cunliffe
Batanai Mashingaidze
Jenn Onyeiwu
Munashe Tapfuya
Sandra Zvenyika

Audience Warnings: 
Themes of racial conflict and distress. 

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