Scenes From The Climate Era

The choices we made yesterday.
The difficult realities of tomorrow. 

Rethink everything you know about climate change - the Climate Era is here. 

$30-$82 (plus service fees)
80 minutes, no interval
2-24 August 2024
Fri 2 Aug, 8pm - 9:20pm
Sat 3 Aug, 7pm - 8:20pm
Tue 6 Aug, 7pm - 8:20pm
Wed 7 Aug, 7pm - 8:20pm
Thu 8 Aug, 7pm - 8:20pm
Fri 9 Aug, 8pm - 9:20pm
Sat 10 Aug, 8pm - 9:20pm
Sun 11 Aug, 4pm - 5:20pm
Tue 13 Aug, 7pm - 8:20pm
Wed 14 Aug, 7pm - 8:20pm
Thu 15 Aug, 7pm - 8:20pm
Fri 16 Aug, 8pm - 9:20pm
Sat 17 Aug, 8pm - 9:20pm
Sun 18 Aug, 4pm - 5:20pm
Tue 20 Aug, 7pm - 8:20pm
Wed 21 Aug, 7pm - 8:20pm
Thu 22 Aug, 7pm - 8:20pm
Fri 23 Aug, 8pm - 9:20pm
Sat 24 Aug, 8pm - 9:20pm

A couple discusses whether it’s ethical to have children. Scientists try to bioengineer a new coral reef. A pilot spreads acid in the atmosphere. The last frog of its kind calls into the abyss for a mate.

Scenes from the Climate Era isn’t just a conversation about climate change, it’s a dizzying stream of them, snapping from absurd comedy to blistering rage to deep vulnerability. Set in the past, the present and a possible future, they’re personal snapshots of the biggest story in human history.

This scorching work by Australian playwright David Finnigan, the son of a climate scientist, offers glimpses of hope for humanity in our collective power to affect change. But time is no longer "running out", he says. It’s simply passing. 

“I was raised to live in a world that was a certain way. That world no longer exists. Now we’re starting to take stock of the world we actually live in, and it means rethinking everything.”

A co-production by Auckland Theatre Company and Silo Theatre, Scenes from the Climate Era is a collective call to action of the greatest urgency. You won’t be able to look away.

“An intelligent, affecting and deeply human play on the most urgently all-impacting issue of our time” - Time Out

Presented by:
Auckland Theatre Company and Silo Theatre

Creative Team:
Director - Jason Te Kare
Design - Jane Hakaraia, Nati Pereira, Leon Radojkovic

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