Playing at the edges of wildness, euphoria, and the sublime, THE WILD is a new universe we will build together. A universe of endless and moving materials, shapes and colours. 

$15 - $25 (service fees may apply)
50 minutes
19 - 23 April 2023
Wed 19 Apr, 11am - 11:50am
Thu 20 Apr, 11am - 11:50am
Fri 21 Apr, 11am - 11:50am
Sat 22 Apr, 11am - 11:50am
Sat 22 Apr, 2pm - 2:50pm
Sun 23 Apr, 11am - 11:50am


Please note: This show does not have standard seating and audience members will sit on cushions. For any access needs, please contact our Box Office to arrange seating.

Designed for babies and childen aged 0-99+, playing at the edges of wildness, euphoria, and the sublime, THE WILD is a whole new universe we will build together. A universe of endless, moving shapes, textures, smells, and colours. 

Children of the revolution!

We want to go on an adventure through outer space, beyond the rainbow, and into the deep sea and beyond,  and we need YOUR help to get there!

Let’s build a wild universe that’s chaotic and beautiful.

A galaxy that is for people who are tired of being called “too messy”, “too loud”, “too much” 

A place where we can be kinder to each other, our bodies, and the leaky, oozy stuff around us. 

Come join us as we build and explore this wild utopia…

What will you discover? 

                        floating galaxies?

                                    bubbling foam? 

                                            oozing slime?

                                                    splattering paint?

THE WILD is a sensory, visual celebration of the power we all have to make the world anew. 

Let’s make a mess. 

Let’s dance as hard as we can. 

Let’s change the universe.


What can I expect from the show? 
The show is designed to disrupt the typical rules of theatre. There will be a fun narrative, live music and an interactive element. 

How long is the show? 
The show is 35 minutes long, followed by a 15-minute interactive element. 

What can I expect from the interactive element? 
Children will be invited to come on stage and play with materials such as cotton sand, foam (corn flour, water & food colouring), and other non-toxic material. 

What should we wear? 
For the interactive element, children are encouraged to wear kindy clothes - clothes that they can get a bit mucky in, but nothing that won't come out in the wash!

Where can I park my pram?
Prams can be parked in the Loft foyer, where we will have ushers supervising the area. Prams are not allowed inside the theatre. 

Does my child need a ticket?
If the child is on the parent's lap (at all times), the child does not require a ticket. Otherwise, all other children require a paid ticket.

Can I leave the show and come back?
Yes, you and your child can leave to take a break and come back in. This show has no lock-out policy. However, please bear in mind your child must go with you if you want to pop out - you cannot leave your child unattended. 

Where will we be seated?
Cushions will be provided. For any access needs, please contact our Box Office to arrange seating.

Are there any warnings or heads up I should know about? 
Please note there will be a small amount of haze used in the theatre. House lights will be on at all times and the performer will also chat to parents and caregivers before the show starts about what to expect. 

THE WILD is a show for babies and children. All children must be accompanied by an adult. 

Created by Julia Croft and Virginia Frankovich

Performance design by Micheal McCabe

Live Music by Laika Rountree

Produced by Nahyeon Lee

Production Managed by Hannah Moore/ Pilot Productions

Lighting Design by Calvin Hudson

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