A 60-minute production that features four incredible artists, each representing a unique thread, ensuring a captivating and diverse experience that intertwines music, dance, spoken word, and the haunting sounds of taonga pūoro.

$25 - $50 (plus service fees)
60 minutes, no interval
Wed 27 March 2024
Wed 27 Mar, 7pm - 8pm

With the support of CNZ funding, Taisha Tari is poised to debut her first multidisciplinary stage show titled Woven, co-directed with Whetu Silver. This original work weaves together Taisha's beautiful compositions, and voice co-crafted with her son Hayden Kuhtze, with spoken word artist Danielle Renee, dancer Zion Jones, and taonga pūoro practitioner Komako Silver.

This story threads through all the invisible ties that bind us together—languages, culture, whanau, and whenua. These four incredible artists collaborate, each representing a unique thread, offering a captivating and diverse experience.

Zion Jones, our 16-year-old dancer, utilises his body as a storytelling tool to convey profound messages in the songs. Komako Silver, our Taonga Pūoro artist, weaves stories of different whenua through oro/music, discovering the invisible thread that connects us all. Danielle Renee, deeply valuing the power of words, transforms them into art that ignites truth and authenticity.

At the narrative's core is Taisha, the weaver, harmoniously uniting diverse stories into a collective korowai. Her waiata and compositions echo the environment we inhabit. The music is a melody of remembrance expressing the inseparable ties that bind us to those within our whanau, past and present, and connecting us to our whakapapa and whenua.

Woven invites the audience into the captivating world of Te Ao Māori, providing a perspective to share cultural narratives and experiences. It believes that our differences are our strengths, emphasising the oneness of humanity and whenua.

Presented by:
Taisha Music Enterprises with support from Q Theatre

Audience warnings:
Contains haze. Please note the show will be filmed.

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