Visit Q

So you’re coming to Q.

You’ve even picked a show and bought your tickets.

You’ll need to know how to get here, but that’s just the beginning...

Arrive early, meet friends and head to our bar & cafe where you can have dinner, drinks or a snack.

Pick up a program for the show and see what else we’ve got coming up.

The atmosphere at Q is relaxed and stimulating, full of other theatre-goers, colleagues getting a drink after work and friends catching up. But you’ve got a show to see, so you tear yourself away and head for the main performance space, Rangatira or upstairs to Q’s studio, Loft.

On the way, you have just enough time to experience the intricate artwork by artist Lisa Reihana that’s unique to Q.

After the show, the bar is open late and it’s tempting to stay and chat about what you’ve just seen. And then you notice that one of the leads from the show is at the bar.

The next day you find the program in your bag and you go to the website to tell us your thoughts. We love getting your feedback.

You already know that you want to book tickets for the next one, so you invite your friends and see who wants to come with you.

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