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Q Residency - Pilot Programme

Applications are now closed for Q's pilot residency programme taking place in April 2022.

Please Note: Submissions for the Q Residency are now closed. To meet the successful applicants for 2022, click here

What is it?

A one-month programme envisioned to create the mental and financial space for three artists to generate and grow ideas, collaborate with fellow artists, and support the development of connections between artists and venues. Our intention is for the programme to be largely self-directed, with some structure to allow for collaboration and relationship building.

With the ongoing disruption of COVID-19 deeply impacting our industry and having a particular effect on how our artists can sustain both a career as well as cover living costs, we wanted to find a way to utilise what we have, space and a small budget, to provide meaningful opportunities during this time when presenting isn't viable.

We don't want this application process to be another laborious task to add to your plate. We're very aware that our industry has a lot of 'application fatigue' at the moment. We don't need this application to be extensive; no budgets or support materials are required; just keep it short and sweet. 

This programme is a fast turnaround working prototype. Something we've never done before, and we'll need to test out as we go. We'll be open to feedback and make changes as required with the overarching goal to provide foundational support for the artists involved.

On Thursday 10 March we held a virtual Q+A Session with Q's General Manager and Programme Director | Kaiwhakahaere Rauemi, Sarah Graham.

To read the FAQ's from the live Q&A, click here.

Residency at Q dates 2 - Q Theatre


How to Apply

Applications are now closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted an application. 


The Residency includes
  • Weekly pay of $1,400 (based on $35 per hour over 40 hours).

  • Use of Q's performance spaces to make and create - subject to availability (let's be honest, it's often available at the moment!).

  • Weekly sessions with a creative mentor (discipline appropriate).

  • Dedicated bi-weekly collab sessions between resident artists.

  • Access to Q's theatrical equipment and venue technician support.

  • Up to $1,500.00 towards development costs (e.g., bringing in additional performers/collaborators for a dedicated workshop).

  • RAT tests for working onsite.

  • Opportunities to problem-solve ideas with venue staff.

The Outcomes
  • Present your idea/s halfway through the Residency (to mentors and appropriate Q staff).

  • Present a showing or pitch of the idea as it has been generated at the end of the Residency (with an invited audience).

  • Collaborate with fellow artists to create two online panel discussions that will be available to the public.

  • Provide appropriate digital content (e.g. photos of the making process) throughout Residency to be uploaded to Q's digital channels.

What we're looking for
  • Three artist/makers

  • Artists will need to be dedicated to live performances, e.g. theatre, dance, live art, circus, music, interdisciplinary.

  • Artists will need to have a history of creating their own work.

  • Artists at any stage of their career.

  • Artists with something to say.

  • Artists whose work connects with Tāmaki Makaurau.

  • Artists either reside in Auckland or have a comfortable place to stay for the duration of the Residency.

  • Artists will need to have something they want to explore for the Residency, be it a seed idea, provocation, question or an existing project.

The Selection Process

Decisions will be made by a panel consisting of Sarah Graham (General Manager and Programme Director | Kaiwhakahaere Rauemi, Q Theatre ), Cat Ruka (Executive Director, Basement Theatre) and Ahi Karunaharan (Associate Artistic Director, Silo Theatre)

We will make decisions based on the submitted application information (Application Form + CV). Should more info be required, we may call artists and/or reach out to the listed reference.

Additional considerations

From our perspective, the point of the Residency is to provide space to explore your idea or project. Don't feel like you need to have the entire project concept fleshed out when you apply.

  • You're not expected to create a fully-fledged production during the Residency; this is a development space.
  • Whilst we have calculated the weekly fee of $1,400.00 based on $35 per hour x 40 hours, how you manage most of your time over this period is totally up to you. Trying to be creative for 40 hours a week is a lot, so the focus is on carving out the time you need, not using it all up.
  • We will consult with each artist to figure out the right kind of person to be their mentor and ensure you have someone you feel comfortable with and appropriate for your work style. Mentors will be paid for their time.
  • Q's performance spaces are available throughout the Residency for your use; these times will need to be booked so that we can manage people being onsite.
  • It's up to the artist to decide where you want to work, you're welcome to utilise Q when possible, but you're also welcome to work from home.
  • Q's theatrical equipment can be used if you want to test things out. Like all things practical, we'll need a heads up so we can make arrangements and ensure a Venue Technician is there to support you.
  • How the collab sessions with fellow artists are used are essentially up to you as a cohort.
  • Should your idea/project eventuate into a potential production, Q will need to be the first venue/partner you talk to.
COVID-19 Planning

This initiative has been created in response to the recent Omicron outbreak. Our hope is that whilst you will have the option to work onsite at Q, you may also be able to work remotely for periods, depending on your discipline or whether need to isolate. If you're coming onto site, you will need follow strict health and safety protocols to ensure you and Q's onsite staff are safe. Q adheres to all government guidelines and as such, all those onsite will be required to have a vaccination pass.

If you're required to self-isolate but are still well, we would ask that you continue the Residency remotely. However, if you become unwell, we can look at alternative options so that you can still get the most out of the experience.