Food Menu


Menu items are designed to be shared, or devoured by one. Up to you.

Dinner Menu 

Available 5pm - 8pm 

Two portions per serve

Smoky Chicken - 18 (g)
Grilled chicken with chargrilled corn salsa, feta, lettuce and sriracha

Jackfruit - 18 (ve)
Jackfruit with Pico de Gallo salsa, lettuce and grilled cauliflower

Served with fries

Beef Burger - 20 (g*) (ve*)
Double beef patty with caramelised onion, lettuce, cheese, Q sauce on a brioche bun
Q sauce - Ketchup, mayonnaise and vinegar

Chicken Burger - 20 (g*) (ve*)
Chicken patty with mango sauce, lettuce, red onion and chilli mayonnaise on a brioche bun

Vegan Burger - 20 (ve, g*)
Vegan chicken patty with grilled pineapple, lettuce, red onion and vegan mayonnaise on a brioche bun 

To Share

Grilled Halloumi and Orange Salad - 17 (v, ve*, g)
Grilled halloumi with fresh orange, carrot and lettuce

Beef Brisket and Tabbouleh - 17 (g)
Slow cooked beef brisket with tabbouleh and micro greens

Chicken Peri Peri Salad - 20 (g)
Chicken marinated in peri peri chilli sauce, pineapple, carrot, lettuce, and chilli mayonaise 

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Snack Menu

Available at all times

Fries - 12 (v, ve*, g)
With lemon pepper seasoning, aioli and tomato sauce

Jalapeño Poppers - 16 (v)
Five jalapeño poppers, corn chips and aioli

Calamari - 17 (g)
With jalapeño and coriander sauce and lemon

Crab and Corn Empanada - 20
Four empanadas with tomato salsa

Dessert Menu 

Available at all times

Lemon Curd Meringue - 15 (v, g)

Crunchy meringue with lemon curd and sour blueberries

Chocolate Fondant - 17 (ve)
Upside down chocolate fondant with homemade berry jam and raspberry sorbet


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Over The Bar Snacks (always available) 

Whittaker's Sante bar range - 2
Skittles - 4
Proper Crisps range - 5

Duck Island ice cream range - 6
White Chocolate, Pomegranate and Macadamia
Peppermint Slice
Peanut Butter Cookie Dough (ve)
Salted Caramel Cacao Crumb 

v - vegetarian
g - no gluten added
ve - vegan
* - available on request 

Please note: We cannot guarantee that ‘g’ or 'g*' items are 100% free from gluten.
Ask our friendly team for all your dietary and allergy requirements.