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Why We're Stoked for Comedy Fest 2021

And why you should be too. 

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Laughing Face Logo - Q Theatre

Q and the NZ International Comedy Festival go together like a fine bean-based beef steak replicant and red wine. Our relationship dates back all the way to ____ excluding 2020 which is scratched from the annals of history for obvious reasons we'd all rather forget. 

Awesome Local Acts!

That being said, there are plenty of things we don't want to forget. Like the awesome line-up of local acts coming to Q this year. The global pandemic has prevented international acts from making it this year which is unfortunate but a fantastic opportunity to shine a light on our domestic talent. Chris Parker smashed already high expectations with tickets to How I Felt selling out within days of going live and plenty of other tickets for shows like The Man Behing the Masc and SNORT flying out the door.  

Aint that a Sight for Sore Eyes - Q Theatre

Across the board, our Comedy shows this year are selling well which goes to show the appetite for laughs is high and we've got the wonderful artists to help deliver those LOL's.

Some Awesome Spaces to Match

We've also got the spaces to make it happen. Like a young adult going through the throes of puberty every inch of Q is evolving to handle the upcoming challenges we're about to face. We've managed to increase the capacity of both Rangatira and Loft to comfortably host more people and our Lounge space has been given a facelift and some greenery to make your pre-show antics even more instagramable (don't forget to tag us @qtheatre).

Plants Greenery in Lounge - Q Theatre


We're also stoked to be introducing a 'Comedy Hour' from 5-6 pm Tuesday - Saturday. Comedy hour can get you $7 house wine, beer or Pals (yass) and Southern fried chicken and chips or Cauliflower bites and chips combo for just 10 bucks. Sweet.

Happy Hour Pals - Q Theatre


Plus some wicked Sponsors that come through

Best Foods Mayo and Electric Kiwi are in the whare again this year. Keep an eye out for the Electric Kiwi Lounge and the Best Foods Mayo Throne! All our bar snacks and meals that include mayo will be using Best Foods Mayo because it's pretty darn good and it would be criminal to use another brand during Comedy Fest, so try the Southern fried chicken with slaw and chipotle mayonnaise (or Arancini Balls for the vegetarians) to see what we mean.

Fried Chicken Try It - Q Theatre

The Elephant that isn't in the Room

Last but not least, it's probably worth mentioning the C-word. Covid. Rest assured, we at Q know we're not out of the weeds yet. Being a venue, we've taken plenty of extra precautions to reduce health risks at this busy time of year. We've increased our cleaning frequency and scope. We've also introduced a more organised line at the bar which should make your experience smoother and more hygienic than bustling close together. As usual, we'll need you to scan in and keep your Bluetooth on for everyone's safety. With all these precautions, you can rest easy and enjoy being back in the theatre without worrying about the traumatic year that was. 

We can't wait to see you here for the Comedy Fest once again. We'll be right here to help with anything you need.